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New #ACCaugust initiative kicks grassroots advocacy into high gear

...mobilization teams will fan out across the country to create opportunities to further our industry’s advocacy goals in a grassroots initiative we’re calling #ACCaugust. Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX-36) at...

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Getting ready for #ACCaugust 3.0

...beach or lake before the start of fall. But not ACC’s Political Mobilization department, we are getting ready for #ACCaugust 3.0. Last year’s #ACCaugust was a huge success this...

Get ready for #ACCAugust 4.0

We’re almost halfway through the summer, Congress is in recess and ACC’s Political Mobilization Department is gearing up for our annual #ACCAugust push! This month our team will be...

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Plant Tour Profile: Rep. Ryan Costello Makes Two Visits during #ACCaugust

...#ACCaugust in 2016, the Pennsylvania Congressman made two stops in his home state to learn more about chemistry and the vital role in plays in PA. One of those...

It’s That Time Again! #ACCaugust 5.0 Is Right Around the Corner chemistry to meet with their elected officials. Elected officials who participate in #ACCaugust are able to see firsthand how chemistry is critical to everyday life and that the...