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      Reports on Phthalates: Alleged Reproductive and Neurotoxicity Effects Ignore Science, Promote Chemophobia

      Studies continue to confirm no association between high molecular weight phthalates and human adverse health effects When President Biden pledged that “science” and “truth” will guide decision-making, scientists the...

      Economic Trends

      Weekly Chemistry and Economic Trends (February 19, 2021)

      This week’s economic reports were largely on the positive side. Retail sales surprised to the upside as another round of stimulus payments fueled household spending. Existing home sales continued to expand, though limited by low inventories....

      The Year of Advanced Plastics Recycling (And Watch the Video)

      Prediction time. Based on the momentum building over the past three years, I predict that 2021 will mark a significant turning point for advanced plastics recycling. Interest in advanced...

      Honoring Black History and Creating Future Leaders

      Black History Month is an opportunity for people of all races to recognize and honor the incredible accomplishments of black scientists. From St. Elmo Brady, the first African American...

      Economic Trends

      Weekly Chemistry and Economic Trends (February 12, 2021)

      It was a slow week for economic news, but the reports that did come out this week were mixed. On the bright side, price inflation at the consumer level remains muted. However, initial claims continue to be at historically high levels, suggesting...