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      Economic Trends

      Weekly Chemistry and Economic Trends (July 30, 2021)

      The economic reports were largely positive this week. New home sales disappointed as rising prices push more potential homeowners out of the market. [That hasn’t been said in 15 years!] Consumer confidence is holding steady, and spending echoes...

      Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Includes New Taxes

      Congress moved one step closer to enacting infrastructure legislation yesterday when Senate lawmakers voted to begin debate on the latest version of their bipartisan deal with the Biden Administration....

      Economic Trends

      Weekly Chemistry and Economic Trends (July 23, 2021)

      The economic reports were few but largely positive. The housing sector seems to be regaining some dynamism and the sole regional manufacturing survey shows further gains into July. Overall railcar loadings confirm this. It is official, the...

      Chris Jahn: Misguided ‘Pay-For’ Mars Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal (Morning Consult)

      In an op-ed published in Morning Consult today, ACC President and CEO Chris Jahn explains why Superfund taxes on chemicals, critical minerals, and metallic elements must not be included...

      Economic Trends

      Weekly Chemistry and Economic Trends (July 16, 2021)

      It was a busy week and the economic reports were, for the large part, positive. The labor market continues to improve. Retail sales bounced back as more states reopened. Weakness in the supply chain, however, hampered some segments. Small business...