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Climax Global Energy brings new jobs to rural South Carolina with $5 million plastics-to-oil facility

“Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!” wrote South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley on her Facebook page, breaking the news to fans about Climax Global Energy Inc.’s establishment of a state-of-the-art plastics-to-oil facility in Barnwell County. The $5 million investment is expected to generate 20 new jobs in Blackville, SC, and make a palpable impact on the 1,100 households […]

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Energy recovery pioneer, Agilyx, turns non-recycled plastics into valuable energy

Plastics recycling is a growing business, as Americans continue to recycle billions of pounds of plastic bottles, containers, bags and wraps every year. But what happens to plastics that aren’t recycled? Oregon-based Agilyx is using chemistry to convert more of these valuable materials from waste into useful fuel. As Lew Feucht, an account manager at […]

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Teaming up for recycling success during the 2011 “Recycle. Goal.” challenge

Kudos to the Anaheim Impact, the winners of the 2011 Recycle. Goal. challenge. The Impact, a boys under 13 team from the Anaheim Soccer Club, recycled more than 13,000 pounds of materials, edging out two dozen other youth soccer teams across Southern California that took part in the 9-week competition. Altogether the teams recycled more […]

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Online webinar seeks to raise awareness of energy recovery, leveraging the energy value of plastics

At 1:30pm EST today, Greg Wilkinson, president of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, will lead a webinar about how we use and reuse plastics in America, and how best to leverage the impressive and underutilized energy value of plastics. As you’ll see, it begins with education – letting the public in on the magic behind […]

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Video: Industry expert says non-recycled plastics should not be viewed as waste, but as a valuable energy resource

As President and CEO of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, Greg Wilkinson may know a lot more about plastics than your typical Canadian or American citizen, but that’s exactly what needs to change, Wilkinson told Focus Washington host Rich Masters in an online television interview last week. Wilkinson referred Masters to a new study from […]

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Composite plastics help make Dreamliner the quietest, lightest, most fuel efficient bird in the sky

It might not be any bigger or any faster than an average commercial airplane, but Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, which completed its maiden passenger voyage from Tokyo to Hong Kong around 4pm local time yesterday, is one of the quietest, lightest and most fuel efficient commercial service airliners in the sky. What makes the Dreamliner so […]

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Canadian plastics expert Greg Wilkinson lays out opportunities for waste-to-energy

Today on E&E TV, Greg Wilkinson, President and CEO of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, discussed the new study from Columbia University that looked at the potential for non-recycled used plastics to generate energy to power homes, cars and businesses. The study found that, nationwide, non-recycled plastics could provide enough energy to power 5.2 million […]

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Uncorking our recycling potential: Small steps to take plastics recycling from good to great

Almost exactly one month before America Recycles Day, ACC and the Association of Post-consumer Plastics Recyclers are jointly announcing good news: both the quantity and rate for recycling plastics bottles rose last year in the United States. Our press release and the full report provide more detail on how American consumers recycled 123 million more […]

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Columbia University: Non-recycled plastics could power 5.2 million homes annually

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Turbine How often do you stop and think about the value of the materials you toss in the trash? Chances are, not too often. But even small changes in the way we dispose of everyday waste can mean big gains for the environment and the economy. Take plastics. Many […]

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Capitol Hill to adopt growing energy recovery process, waste-to-energy, as part of larger sustainability effort

The Architect of the Capitol (AoC) announced last week that Congress will begin converting up to 90 percent of its non-recyclable solid waste into electricity through a process known as waste-to-energy (WTE) – one of the “woefully underutilized technologies in America,” according to Rep. Dan Lungren (R-CA). Traditional waste-to-energy involves converting non-recycled materials into electricity, […]

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