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Ending Plastic Waste: A Promising Vision and Emerging Solutions Give Reason for Optimism

Around the globe, people are increasingly aware of the amount of plastic in the environment. Governments. Businesses. Nonprofits. Everyday citizens. Everyone seems to agree the problem is urgent, and...

Can a New Global Alliance Catalyze Investments and Models to End Plastic Waste? We Think It Can

As global awareness about plastic waste in our ocean grows, people are starting to act: companies are pledging to use more recycled content; some governments are setting goals to...

U.S. plastic resin producers set goal to recycle or recover all plastic packaging by 2040

It’s ambitious, yet achievable—realistic—a true “stretch goal.”   This week ACC’s Plastics Division announced three new goals to guide and accelerate the capture, recycling and recovery of plastics packaging. Although...

The circular economy is here in Edmonton: Analyzing the benefits of post-use plastics

Across the globe businesses, communities and policy makers are pursuing strategies to more sustainability manage the products used by society. This includes thinking about product design, and designing systems...

Earth Day 2018: To Fix Plastic Pollution, We Need to Solve the Right Problem

This Earth Day will bring a variety of enthusiastic calls for cleaner oceans. Plastics makers share and welcome that enthusiasm, because no one wants oceans full of plastics. And...