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American Chemistry: Growing the U.S. economy, driving innovation and providing jobs

  Chemistry: It’s in everything – from air and water, to the products and technologies we use every day – and is essential to our everyday lives. Life-saving medicines, clean drinking water, protective packaging materials, stronger adhesives, lightweight automobile parts and more durable and safer tires are only a few of the thousands of innovative […]

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It may be the end of 2015, but American Chemistry is just getting started

As we near the end of 2015, it’s worth taking a look back at how far our industry has come the past few years, and where we think American Chemistry will be in the years to come. There’s no doubt that this is a transformative time for the U.S. chemical industry. Access to vast new […]

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American chemistry: Growing the U.S. economy, providing jobs, enhancing safety

Have you used your cell phone today? Laptop? Drunk from a coffee mug, or worn a bicycle helmet? If so, you, along with millions of consumers around the world, have touched a product of chemistry. 96 percent of all manufactured goods are directly touched by the business of chemistry. From life-saving medical devices to airbags […]

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Chemistry: The cornerstone of our economy

Today ACC released the 2013 Guide to the Business of Chemistry and June’s Chemical Activity Barometer, providing concrete statistics illustrating that this continues to be an exciting and dynamic time for the business of American chemistry. Access to abundant new supplies of natural gas from shale deposits is driving unprecedented new growth, investment and economic expansion […]

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October Chemical Activity Barometer indicates strong growth, further signs of recovery

The October report of the Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB) showed a strong 0.6 percent growth over the previous month, representing the fourth consecutive monthly increase in the CAB. The CAB’s three-month moving average (3 MMA) increased in October, suggesting steady growth prospects into 2013. The June, July, August and September 2012 CAB was revised upward […]

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September Chemical Activity Barometer points to “Charlie Brown” effect

Today, ACC released the September report of the Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB), our leading economic indicator derived from a composite index of chemical industry activity. In the report, we noted that September’s uptick in growth follows a trend also observed in both 2010 and 2011 where we saw a strong upswing in the 4th quarter […]

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August Chemical Activity Barometer indicates modest economic growth

Today, the American Chemistry Council released the August report of the Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB), ACC’s new leading macroeconomic indicator launched in June of this year. The August CAB data showed a growth rate of 0.4 percent from last month, which suggests that economic growth in the second half of the year will continue slowly, […]

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July Chemical Activity Barometer shows signs of slowing economic activity

ACC today released the July report of the Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB), a new leading macroeconomic indicator. This is the second monthly report of the CAB, developed by ACC Economics and Statistics, to anticipate the peaks and troughs in the overall U.S. economy and highlight potential trends in other domestic industries. The July CAB data […]

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How the U.S. business of chemistry can forecast larger trends in the overall economy

Chemistry plays an integral role in technology, products and processes across a range of industries. But did you know chemistry can also be used to forecast larger trends in the U.S. economy? Today, ACC is excited to release the first monthly report of the Chemical Activity Barometer (CAB), a new, leading macroeconomic indicator grounded in […]

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