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Nanoscale material reporting deadline approaching: ACC panel tool can help understand reporting obligations

Nanoscale materials are extremely small pieces of matter with at least one dimension between 1-100 nanometers, or a billionth of a meter. To put the nanoscale in perspective, a...

National Nanotechnology Day: Celebrating the possibilities of the small

It’s National Nanotechnology Day! A day for raising awareness of nanotechnology and celebrating the science of the small. What is nanotechnology and how small is it? Nanotechnology involves the...


Celebrating the first National Nanotechnology Day

The U.S. Nanotechnology community will come together to celebrate the first National Nanotechnology Day on October 9, 2016 (an homage to the nanometer scale, 10-9 meters). The annual event will serve as...

Nanotechnology – A small part of big solutions

Researchers are constantly looking for ways to combat disease, whether it is a familiar one like the flu or something never seen before like the Zika virus. Nanotechnology may...

Hidden in plain sight: Nanotechnology helps create color-shifting mechanical chameleon

They say you have to see it to believe it. But what if it’s really there – and you just can’t see it? Imagine buildings hiding in plain sight,...