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No Ignition, No Fire — Why Flame Retardants Are in Electronics

Do you know how many electronic devices you have in your home? Ten, twenty, thirty? From televisions, to smartphones, to computers and gaming systems, electronics are an everyday part...


Congressionally Mandated Reports Call for Improvements to Worker Screening Program

Personnel surety is a key element to properly vetting people who are allowed to come onsite to a chemical facility, which is why ACC and our members were glad...

ACC Responds to Misleading PFAS Report

Today’s article in Environmental Science & Technology Letters makes several misleading claims about PFAS that need to be addressed. PFAS are a large and diverse universe of chemistries that...


Antimicrobial Industry Must Maintain Its Leadership Role

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on public health like never before. In the past few months, people around the world are coming to grips with the new...

As Hurricane Season Ramps Up Chemical Industry Prepares for New Challenges

While the pandemic continues, our industry knows it must keep a close eye on the potential dangers of extreme weather. Hurricane preparedness is a year-round effort for the chemical industry, especially for facilities along the Gulf Coast....