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      The Facts About PFAS and COVID-19

      Despite what has been claimed, there is no scientific consensus that exposure to certain PFAS interfere with immune response. While one research team has reported an association between levels...


      The Importance of Relevant Best Available Science on 1,3-Butadiene’s TSCA Risk Evaluation

      As we move from the first 10 risk evaluations to the next 20 high-priority risk evaluations, it is imperative that the 2016 TSCA amendments be followed for current and...


      Formaldehyde and the Need for Best Available Science

      As we move forward in our series on the importance of the 2016 TSCA amendments, the next chemical we are going to focus on is one that you may...

      Guardian Misleads on PFAS and COVID-19

      PFAS (or Fluorotechnology) are a large and diverse universe of chemistries. Each has its own unique structure, uses and environmental and health profiles. It is very concerning that The...

      Diisocyanates: A Family of Versatile Building Blocks Important to Our Everyday Lives

      What do skis, refrigerators, and bedding have in common? You’re probably wondering how three completely different products can have any similarities, but all three are made possible through chemical...