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      Food for Thought: Why A “One-Size-Fits-All” Approach Has a Bad Taste

      Imagine a world without fuel for our cars, medications to treat diseases or even technologies like the device you are using right now. Every day, we rely on the...


      Questions about Chemical Safety? Mind the Science.

      Chemistry plays an essential role in the products and technologies we use every day. Innovations made possible by chemistry help enhance human health, protect the environment, save energy, and...


      Domestic Manufacturing Is Focus of House Climate Hearing

      U.S. manufacturers are researching and investing in exciting new processes and technologies to reduce emissions in their companies and facilities, but these efforts will be wasted if policymakers don’t look at the big...


      House Climate Hearing Zeroes In on Transportation

      It’s no secret that America’s aging infrastructure – including highways and roads, bridges, and ports – is in urgent need of...

      ACC Launches Updated Website to Help Educate Architects, Designer and Builders about Chemistry in Buildings

      Chemistry has a significant role in the designing, construction, and maintenance of buildings that provide safe, healthy, and sustainable spaces to live and work. The American Chemistry Council’s (ACC)...