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      CBC Campaign to Highlight Philanthropic Efforts of Member Companies

      The Center for Biocide Chemistries (CBC) launched a new campaign, The Science of Helping Others, to spotlight the charitable and community-focused efforts of the antimicrobial industry throughout the COVID-19...


      U.S. Infrastructure Depends Upon the Performance and Reliability of Silicones

      Critical infrastructure supports the key functions necessary to enhance society, protect our environment, and create a safer and more sustainable future. Numerous industries, including agriculture, communications, defense, energy, health...

      PFAS Action Act Takes a Misguided Approach

      PFAS (or Fluorotechnology) are a large and diverse universe of chemistries that make possible the products that power our lives — the cellphones, tablets and telecommunications we use every day...


      Countdown to Climate Summit Begins

      As we welcome spring, we’re reminded that Earth Day is just around the corner. On April 22 and 23, President Biden will host a gathering of world leaders at...

      EPA’s Changes to TSCA Implementation Will be Regressive

      EPA recently announced some concerning changes to its approach to evaluating new and existing chemicals under the 2016 amendments to TSCA. The continued implementation of the law according to...