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Tax law is boosting chemical industry investment in the U.S.

Wow, that was fast. Congress’s historic tax reform bill, the ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ (H.R. 1) took effect earlier this month, and companies are already announcing plans for new U.S. investments made possible in part by the new law. On Monday, ExxonMobil shared the news that the company plans to invest $50 billion over […]

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Building a strong foundation for chemical security regulations

By Amy Graydon, Guest contributor  Chemicals are essential to our everyday lives. It is hard to think of a field that does not use chemicals—from developing medicines and providing refrigeration for our food supply, to manufacturing fuel for our vehicles and building microchips for our smartphones. We rarely think of these helpful building blocks as […]

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The NAS IRIS review: An unnecessarily narrow review of EPA’s troubled chemical assessment program?  

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) announced in December 2017 that it will again review EPA’s Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS). Previous NAS reports, one in 2011 and another in 2014, found serious problems with IRIS and offered sweeping recommendations to overhaul the program. NAS is not alone in identifying critical issues that need reform […]

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Some good news on recycling

There’s been a lot of negative news coverage on recycling. And while plastic recycling markets face serious challenges, there are areas that are making significant strides. One of those areas is plastic film recycling. Earlier this month, I spoke with PlasticsToday about plastic film recycling, including industry initiatives that are helping to grow the recovery […]

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New website provides information on the benefits and safety of fluorinated chemistries

The FluoroCouncil launched a new website this week that showcases information on the benefits and safety of fluorinated chemistries. Fluorinated chemistries, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), are a diverse group of chemistries characterized by the strong bond between fluorine and carbon. Fluorinated chemistries provide products with the resilience and durability they require and such products can […]

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