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Need a helping hand this holiday season? Plastics have your back

It’s no secret the holidays can be hectic. Whether you’re hosting a large gathering, or  transporting Grandma’s (in)famous fruitcake across cold and busy roads, the time is ripe for potential mishaps. But here’s a not-so-well-known secret: plastics can help make the holidays a little safer and more manageable. For example, plastics help us keep foods […]

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Endocrine science: Will the real “manufacturers of doubt” please stand up?

“Let’s Stop the Manipulation of Science,” reads the title to an op-ed recently published in the popular French newspaper, Le Monde. It sounds like an honest cause, but are the authors being disingenuous with their call to action? The scientists who co-signed the piece make a bold accusation – that “scientific evidence has been willfully distorted […]

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Growing pains in implementing the new TSCA: Section 5 and its critical role in innovation

On December 14, 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will host a public stakeholder discussion on the implementation of section 5 of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).  The section was revised by the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act, approved by an overwhelming bipartisan majority of Congress in mid-2016.  At issue in the stakeholder meeting will […]

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Listening to the science on BPA from Austria

If you live in Austria, should you be concerned about exposure to bisphenol A (BPA)?  Not according to the results of a new study from Austrian government researchers that was just published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. The title of the new study (Human biomonitoring of bisphenol A exposure in an Austrian population) may not […]

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Can I recycle that? Comedian Rudy Mancuso has the answer

Who says you can’t have some fun while recycling? This America Recycles Day (November 15), our Plastics Make it Possible® campaign teamed up with comedian Rudy Mancuso to talk with millennials – and really anyone who would talk to him – about plastics recycling. Rudy hit the streets of New York City armed with a […]

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