Plastic paw helps injured pup run again

To demonstrate the many different ways that plastics help make life better, the Plastics Make it Possible® campaign has created a new video showing how plastic prosthetics are helping our four-legged friends overcome injury and live full and active lives. The video follows Hudson, a four-year-old pit bull who lost one of his paws as a puppy.

The video features Derrick Campana, the founder of of Animal Ortho Care, an organization which specializes in prostheses for all types of animals. Using a range of plastics including medical grade polypropylene and polyethylene, Derrick creates prostheses light enough to let a dog run yet durable enough to support an elephant’s weight. (He’s actually created prostheses for elephants, horses, and even a turtle!) Derrick also uses plastic foam to create a cushioning interior for the prostheses. This turned out to be the perfect solution for Hudson.

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Now fitted with a custom prosthesis, Hudson can run and play freely. He even helps others in his community by volunteering as a therapy dog.

See how plastics have helped Hudson in his journey from injured puppy to joyful dog here.

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