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Month: May 2014

6 chemical myths debunked: New guide helps consumers see through common misconceptions

If there were ever a guide to help put to bed the all-too-common myths about chemicals in our daily lives, this might just be it. Making Sense of Chemical...

Congress must provide a strong foundation for chemical security regulations

When things start to go right they tend to not receive much attention in Washington, and such is the case with current efforts to improve the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism...

White House agrees: Safety and innovation should be maximized, cost and benefit must be considered

Former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) policy counsel, Bob Sussman, in a May 12 blog posted by the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Family coalition, takes an unrealistic position on the...

Reducing trade tariffs on environmental goods is a worthwhile idea, but what constitutes the “good”?

The chemical industry is strongly committed to the protection of health, safety and the environment in its operations. ACC supported the inclusion of environmental objectives in recent U.S. bilateral...

Outstanding achievements among the 2014 Responsible Care® energy efficiency award winners

Many of the energy-saving materials and technologies  in use around the world today rely on innovations in chemistry. But what about the companies that make these products – are...