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Month: November 2013

20 things media, public should keep in mind when assessing scientific results

(Nature) Calls for the closer integration of science in political decision-making have been commonplace for decades. However, there are serious problems in the application of science to policy —...

Filling in the cracks can save homeowners billions of dollars in energy costs

As temperatures continue to drop and home heating bills around the country make their perennial rise, Americans that have weatherized their homes won’t be allowing as much heat (or...

Shale gas multiplier: Benefits abound for plastics makers

The plastics industry will harvest an abundance of economic advantages from robust and inexpensive supplies of shale gas, including a reduced dependence on foreign energy and a manufacturing resurgence...

House zeroes in on TSCA reform “sweet spot” with CSIA hearing

When Jim Jones delivered his keynote remarks at the 2012 Global Chemical Regulations Conference, the acting assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention said he...

Hear their stories: TSCA’s big impact on small business [NEW VIDEOS]

Of all U.S. chemical manufacturers impacted by the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), 76 percent are small businesses from major metropolitan hubs like Cincinnati, Oh., to smaller towns and...