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Polyurethane industry expert Bill Robert of BASF shares value of free CPI training program

Polyurethane industry expert Bill Robert has weighed in on the value of the Center for Polyurethanes Industry’s (CPI) Spray Foam Chemical Health and Safety Training Program for professional home performance contractors in an exclusive Q&A with American Chemistry Matters. Robert is a member of BASF’s Environmental, Safety and Health team and chair of CPI’s SPF Training and Performance Work Group and has more than 26 years of experience in polyurethanes.

Read what Robert has to say on safe use and handling of spray insulation foam and free online trainings from CPI:

Q: What are some key ways professional home performance contractors can stand out and improve their business?

When installing spray foam (SPF) in a home or building, it is important to have knowledgeable and trained spray contractors. Like many construction materials, installing SPF insulation requires planning and appropriate training. It is important for professional contractors to follow manufacturers’ instructions and follow recommended health and safety procedures, among other good work practices.

Q: How does the Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) and CEUs – Continuing Education Units – come into play for improving business opportunities?

A: The polyurethanes industry’s objective is to facilitate greater awareness and understanding of SPF – both the benefits of spray foams and its continued safe use and handling. As more and more professionals turn to SPF as a means of creating more energy-efficient homes and buildings, we want to be sure that they have access to information regarding the safe use, handling, and disposal of SPF, from the distribution center to the finished job site. Continuing education permits BPI certified professional to keep up with a quickly changing industry. Continuing education improves a certified professional’s knowledge and ability to properly diagnose a home’s energy deficiency and recommend improvements.

Q: So what do the online trainings from CPI provide information about?

A: As part of our efforts to support safety and product stewardship, CPI, in cooperation with others, developed and launched SPF training courses which are available online and free to weatherization professionals, SPF applicators and helpers who work with low pressure and/or high pressure spray polyurethane foam.


The training programs provide information about the use, handling and disposal of SPF, potential health hazards and control measures, including engineering controls and personal protective equipment (PPE). There are two courses available. Trainees have the option of taking one or both of the CPI SPF Training courses. The user can select the course that best fits his or her profession.

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