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Month: August 2013

Pres. Obama visits Pa. and N.Y.; highlights a ‘Tale of Two States’ on shale gas

President Obama’s trip to western Pennsylvania and New York has triggered a renewed debate about the economic benefits of abundant, affordable natural gas in two states with dramatically different...

Chemistry helps bring light to people living in remote regions

Electricity does not come easily to those who live off the beaten path on the Navajo reservation in rural Arizona. Many residents like Anna Begay, a grandmother in her...


ACC’s Cal Dooley touts advantages of shale gas for Hoosier State manufacturers

Abundant and affordable supplies of natural gas have revitalized America’s industrial heartland, ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley told business leaders, energy experts and policy makers attending the 11th Annual...

Vehicle fuel efficiency is on the rise, thanks in large part to chemistry

How popular are chemistry-enabled, fuel-efficient cars right now? The average sales-weighted fuel economy for light-duty vehicles sold in July reached the record high of 24.8 mpg for the fourth...

W.Va. and Pa. pipeline projects a blueprint for continued natural gas development

In the last year, northern West Virginia and southern Pennsylvania have witnessed an expansion in natural gas production capacity with the launching of new pipeline projects, a trend that...