Council of independent scientists advises flame retardant industry

It’s important that industry maintain an ongoing dialogue with the scientific community. One example of how industry engages the deep knowledge of scientific experts comes from the North American Flame Retardant Alliance (NAFRA).

NAFRA represents three of the world’s largest manufacturers of flame retardants — the chemicals that act to protect safety by helping to stop or delay the spread of fire in homes, offices and public buildings. Since its inception, NAFRA has actively solicited independent input from leading scientific experts on fire safety.

These efforts led to the establishment of a Science Advisory Council (SAC) that provides science-based perspectives toNAFRA and its European counterpart, the European Flame Retardant Association.

The members of the SAC are leaders in their fields. While they are affiliated with prestigious institutions, the SAC members speak on their own behalf, and their independent input informs our companies’ ongoing efforts to ensure that quality, science-based information on flame retardants is available and communicated.

This constructive dialogue between industry and the scientific community provides a good model to help advance science-based approaches to chemical management.

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