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Month: May 2012

They say “Everything’s Bigger in Texas,” and right now, shale gas is BIG

As the no. 1 chemical producing state in the nation, Texas enjoys many of the economic benefits for which chemistry is so well known — billions of dollars in...

Precautionary principle can do more harm than good, CPSC commissioner says

Commissioner Nancy A. Nord of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says “it’s time to discard the precautionary principle at the CPSC,” referring to work underway as...

New York Times loses further ground in its exposé on chemical plant security

The New York Times editorial board continues to blend old news with misinformation in its poorly constructed exposé on the security of U.S. chemical facilities (“The Danger Downwind,” May...

AMC’s “The Pitch” spotlights growing trend toward deriving value from waste

A few weeks ago, the premiere of AMC’s ad agency reality show, “The Pitch,” featured two firms battling to lead a major campaign for Waste Management, Inc. Waste Management...

Will clean energy policies like CES help give energy efficiency its due?

The Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources convened last Thursday to receive testimony on Sen. Jeff Bingaman’s Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012 (CES), a bill that aims...