Why support abundant natural gas from shale? Rockefeller, Yergin and Dooley weigh in

Why should President Obama make good on his promise to support natural gas development from shale? Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WVa), economist Daniel Yergin and ACC President and CEO Cal Dooley have all weighed in.

Sen. Rockefeller last month wrote a letter urging President Obama to create or support job training programs in areas with plentiful natural gas reserves, which would yield “significant benefits, including increased employment and economic activity and a broadened tax base at the local and state levels,” to the region as a whole, the senator wrote. He went on:

Perhaps most exciting is the prospect that low-cost natural gas can provide the impetus to revitalize our nation’s manufacturing and chemical sectors, which form a strong economic foundation.

National Public Radio’s Jeff Brady echoed that sentiment on “All Things Considered” Monday, highlighting the economic impact of natural gas development and the potential for job creation in struggling states across the U.S. – states like West Virginia, as ACC President Cal Dooley explains in the video above.

Indeed, with a thriving economic foundation comes the ability to enhance our nation’s energy security and become more competitive globally. Economist Daniel Yergin, well-known for his research on shale gas, has pointed out that America’s increased natural gas supply and production is providing a much-needed boost to the nation’s economy, Yergin said.

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