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ACC calls for a strong, secure and sustainable future with the launch of “From Chemistry to Energy”

A comprehensive national energy strategy matters — to our member companies, to the nearly 800,000 Americans working in our industry, to the many manufacturers that rely on our products. And, according to a new survey released today, America’s energy strategy matters to 94% of American voters.

That is a clear call to action, and the business of chemistry is part of the answer.

Today, ACC launched “From Chemistry to Energy,” a national campaign highlighting the need for a comprehensive energy strategy to stimulate economic recovery, job creation and long-term competitiveness for U.S. manufacturers.

Through this campaign, we hope to promote the development of sound energy policies at the federal and state levels that will enable our industry and others to grow, compete globally and create jobs, while also increasing the understanding of chemistry’s role in enabling a strong, secure and sustainable future for the United States.

As part of a comprehensive energy policy, we’re focusing on three areas in particular. Each will help meet national energy security, economic and environmental goals while also creating value for the business of chemistry:

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Abundant, affordable, diverse and efficient energy is fundamental to our business as one of America’s leading manufacturing industries. At the same time, chemistry is the source of many of the innovations, technologies and products that make energy efficiency and renewable and alternative energy sources possible.

A recent ACC study found that the use of chemistry in energy-saving products and technologies helps save up to 10.9 quadrillion BTUs of energy annually, enough to power up to 56 million households or up to 135 million vehicles each year, and saving Americans up to $85 billion in energy costs annually.

Ensuring access to abundant, affordable, and sustainable energy to meet our country’s energy and economic needs today, and in the decades to come, is a challenge the chemistry industry is prepared to meet head-on — and with real solutions. We hope you will join us. [hr]

WATCH IT on E&E TV: “ACC’s Dooley discusses new advocacy campaign centered on shale, efficiency


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