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Month: December 2011

Why chemical assessments stand to benefit from bipartisan decision from Congress

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – the 40 year-old organization charged with protecting public health and safety using sound, scientific risk assessments – has itself been put under...

Energy recovery pioneer, Agilyx, turns non-recycled plastics into valuable energy

Plastics recycling is a growing business, as Americans continue to recycle billions of pounds of plastic bottles, containers, bags and wraps every year. But what happens to plastics that...

“Electrolyte” is my middle name: Dow and Ube take energy storage to the next level with Advanced Electrolyte Technologies

Putting something valuable away for future use – storing it – is an everyday investment that can yield big returns, especially when it comes to storing energy. Batteries, for...

How chemistry can help power the U.S. military

It takes a lot of energy to power the U.S. military – the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and the Air Force. With 300,000 buildings on its military installations, which...

Blowin’ in the wind: Stronger, longer and lighter turbine blades made possible by chemistry

Imagine you’re a scientist standing in a laboratory next to a 100-ft turbine blade with a note that says, “Make it longer, make it stronger and, while you’re at...