Online webinar seeks to raise awareness of energy recovery, leveraging the energy value of plastics

At 1:30pm EST today, Greg Wilkinson, president of the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, will lead a webinar about how we use and reuse plastics in America, and how best to leverage the impressive and underutilized energy value of plastics. As you’ll see, it begins with education – letting the public in on the magic behind converting waste into energy – and re-emphasizing the importance of plastics recycling.

The 75-minute eSession, entitled “Energy Recovery Insights: A Plastics Perspective,” will also feature new research into opinion leaders’ perceptions of energy recovery, as well as examine the industry’s latest recycling programs and product lifecycle analyses.

As populations grow, so do landfills and society’s demand for new and alternative energy sources. That’s why plastics should be recycled whenever possible and, rather than being diverted to landfills, should be converted into energy to power our homes, vehicles and businesses.

After attending the webinar, be sure to come back here and tell us what you found most surprising about this promising energy innovation!

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