Honeywell CEO brings chemistry solutions, business know-how to BRT Energy & Environment Committee

ACC member Honeywell International is no stranger to the energy arena, contributing a wide range of innovative materials and products that help improve energy efficiency in everyday life.

So, Business Roundtable’s (BRT) announcement on Monday that Honeywell CEO David Cote would chair the organization’s newly formed Energy and Environment Committee came as little surprise.

The BRT committee’s goal is to “bring the experience and expertise of America’s top CEOs to energy and environment policy in Washington, DC.” With Cote at the helm, the committee will also bring an extensive repertoire of chemistry-enabled product innovations to the table.

For example, Cote recently oversaw the introduction of the new Solstice™ Liquid Blowing Agent, an insulating agent that can make refrigerators up to 12 percent more energy efficient than those insulated by traditional hydrocarbon-blown foam.

If thermal insulation improvements like these were adopted globally, Honeywell says, it could save approximately 60 million metric tons per year of carbon dioxide equivalent. That would be like eliminating carbon dioxide emissions from 11.8 million cars every year, the company estimates.

Recognized at the September 2011 Polyurethanes Technical Conference, Honeywell’s new insulating agent is one product among many – solar cells, wind turbines, rechargeable batteries and more – helping to empower Americans to increase energy efficiency and make our energy supplies go further than ever – and at a lower cost.

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