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Carcinogen or not a carcinogen? A tale of two WHO Agencies, and the importance of evaluating study quality and human relevance

How is it possible that two World Health Organization (WHO) agencies could evaluate the same chemical’s potential to cause cancer and come to seemingly opposite conclusions? Dr. David Eastmond explored this question in a presentation at the Summer Toxicology Forum meeting comparing the approaches taken by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and […]

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On laminated wood flooring products, science shows low risk from formaldehyde exposure

Recent media stories questioning the safety of laminated wood products shipped into the United States from China have caused concerns among homeowners with laminate wood flooring in their homes. But the results of a recent review by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) should put those concerns to rest. The CPSC reports that out of […]

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Does WHO make the case for Prop 65 reform?

When the World Health Organization (WHO) pronounced last week that hot dogs and bacon are carcinogens and that red meat may also harm you, carnivores AND vegetarians alike were right to wonder, “What’s really going on here?” If past health warnings are a model, we’re still going to find hot dogs at the ballpark and ribs […]

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