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FAST Action by Congress helps keep chemical transportation on track

During the final legislative business days of last year, Congress passed a major and much-needed piece of legislation called the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act or “FAST Act,” which addressed many critical transportation issues. In addition to providing long-term funding to the Department of Transportation, the legislation contained important provisions to help improve the safe […]

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What do a solar panel and pacemaker have in common?

From solar panels to medical devices to sports safety equipment to personal care products, silicones are used in thousands of products. This family of high performance materials is crucial to countless industries, including medicine, construction, transportation, fashion, and sports. A recent socio-economic report released by the Global Silicones Council underscores just how important silicones are […]

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Capito demonstrates commitment to helping emergency responders

Last night, Congress passed a resolution introduced by Senator Capito that recognizes the incredible work of the TRANSCAER® program in helping communities prepare and respond to a potential transportation incident involving hazardous materials. While congressional resolutions can be fairly common, TRANSCAER is a truly unique program. Last year alone, the program helped more than 50,000 […]

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New video illustrates the high stakes of rail competition reform

Transportation issues can be a little tough to understand and at times, a bit arcane. That’s why ACC just released this new video to help illustrate how the lack of freight rail competition and outdated policies are negatively impacting the chemical industry, which employs nearly 800,000 Americans and is on track to invest more than […]

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