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Governing Magazine profiles Ohio’s energy recovery success story

States are looking for ways to encourage investment in alternative energy and improve their state’s environmental footprint – from keeping valuable materials out of landfills to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. With these goals in mind, many states are interested in waste-to-energy conversion technologies, and are reviewing and updating the relevant policies and regulatory frameworks to […]

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New plastics-to-oil technologies alliance revs up

Are used plastics poised to become the new black gold? The American Chemistry Council’s Plastics Division recently announced the launch of a new group whose members are developing commercial scale technologies for converting non-recycled used plastics into crude oil and other petroleum based products (read full press release). The new Plastics-to-Oil Technologies Alliance is working […]

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Energy recovery builds momentum heading into 2013

2012 was a big year for energy recovery, and 2013 could be even bigger. There are more than 80 waste-to-energy facilities across the country, and industry leaders see vast potential for innovations that allow us to recover more energy from waste. A range of energy recovery technologies, from modern waste-to-energy facilities to innovations that convert […]

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In Ohio, one person’s trash is another’s energy

In September, Ohio’s entrepreneurs, policymakers and business leaders came together to showcase recent innovations in energy recovery and the benefits of these developments for communities in the buckeye state. The event, “The Energy Recovery Agenda in Ohio,” which was co-hosted by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and Ohio Chemistry Technology Council (OCTC), highlighted three Ohio-based […]

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