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Attention dust bunnies: You’re safe from BPA

A common definition of the word dust refers to fine, dry particles of matter. From dust storms on earth to cosmic dust, just about everywhere that any form of matter is present, dust will also be present. That includes the ubiquitous household dust that seems to magically appear in our homes on every surface and […]

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ADA listens to the science: “BPA in dental sealants safe”

Many of today’s consumer products are safer and more effective, thanks to bisphenol A (BPA). Every day we benefit from clear, shatter-resistant polycarbonate plastic and tough epoxy resins, both made from BPA. From eyeglass lenses to bicycle helmets, and security shields to life-saving medical devices, polycarbonate makes our lives more livable. Almost invisibly, epoxy resin […]

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Chemistry to help lift winter athletes to peak performance in Sochi

The 2014 Winter Olympics, just three shorts weeks away, will showcase high-speed skiing, super-skilled snowboarding, and high-stakes ice hockey, among many other sports. But did you know that the products of chemistry help world-class athletes perform at their peak? Chemistry is behind each and every pair of skates, goggles, knee pads, and footwear — though […]

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