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Tag: Policy

Congress and the White House rein in a flawed chemical security regulation

Written by Bill Erney, senior director, American Chemistry Council, and Matthew J. Eggars, vice president, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Numerous national security issues dominate the attention of policymakers today...

New report highlights the importance of EPA’s efforts to increase transparency in regulatory process

A new report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s (CEI) Angela Logomasini titled “EPA Transparency Rule Will Bolster Science and Improve Rulemaking” offers important perspective and critical facts about EPA’s...

Transparency, objectivity and modern scientific practices critical for regulatory decisions

  Utilization of transparent, objective and modern scientific approaches to draw conclusions regarding human health risk is critical to developing sound regulatory decisions. Throughout the EPA, the application of...

Top U.S. officials in Beijing to stave off trade war with China; back at home, businesses share what’s at stake for the global economy

A team of top U.S. economic advisors is in Beijing to meet with Chinese officials about China’s discriminatory intellectual property and forced technology transfer practices. Looming over these discussions...

EPA’s proposed rule on transparency in regulatory science gets it right when it comes to the best available science and non-linear modeling approaches

At ACC we’re still doing a deep dive in our review of EPA’s recently proposed rule: Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science. We look forward to submitting comments to help...