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ACC supports the Save Our Seas Act

This important bipartisan legislation reinvigorates existing programs and includes language recognizing the need to address the lack of waste management systems in developing countries. Among other provisions, the Save Our Seas Act: 1. Reauthorizes the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s Marine Debris Program 2. Supports studies on how solid waste enters the ocean, the effectiveness […]

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U.S. plastic resin producers set goal to recycle or recover all plastic packaging by 2040

It’s ambitious, yet achievable—realistic—a true “stretch goal.”   This week ACC’s Plastics Division announced three new goals to guide and accelerate the capture, recycling and recovery of plastics packaging. Although we and our members have supported a variety of programs to increase plastics recycling, we want to be clear about where we’re heading, and we want […]

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The circular economy is here in Edmonton: Analyzing the benefits of post-use plastics

Across the globe businesses, communities and policy makers are pursuing strategies to more sustainability manage the products used by society. This includes thinking about product design, and designing systems to enhance the recyclability of products, and to develop more circular strategies for materials after they are used.  Brands, investors and policymakers all need a strong […]

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Earth Day 2018

Earth Day 2018: To Fix Plastic Pollution, We Need to Solve the Right Problem

This Earth Day will bring a variety of enthusiastic calls for cleaner oceans. Plastics makers share and welcome that enthusiasm, because no one wants oceans full of plastics. And to effectively turn awareness into meaningful results, it’s worth being clear about how plastics are getting where they shouldn’t be. Where do ocean plastics come from? […]

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Using plastics means less waste in the first place

Governments. Businesses. NGOs. Everyday citizens. Today, many of us are taking important steps to help reduce waste and protect our environment. I think we can all agree that’s a very good thing. But earlier this week, the Editorial Board at the LA Times called for California to phase out all “single-use” plastics.  This was a […]

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Some good news on recycling

There’s been a lot of negative news coverage on recycling. And while plastic recycling markets face serious challenges, there are areas that are making significant strides. One of those areas is plastic film recycling. Earlier this month, I spoke with PlasticsToday about plastic film recycling, including industry initiatives that are helping to grow the recovery […]

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Flexible plastic packaging: New research shows potential for increased recycling and recovery

Have you ever stopped in an aisle at the grocery store and noticed how many items are now sold in flexible plastic packaging? From baby food to tuna fish, laundry detergent pods to pet food, many items once sold in glass or rigid plastic packaging are now sold in lightweight flexible packaging. And while flexible […]

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