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      Tag: Phthalates

      Reports on Phthalates: Alleged Reproductive and Neurotoxicity Effects Ignore Science, Promote Chemophobia

      Studies continue to confirm no association between high molecular weight phthalates and human adverse health effects When President Biden pledged that “science” and “truth” will guide decision-making, scientists the...

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      The Science is Clear: Why Manufacturers are Asking EPA to Evaluate High Phthalates

      These high phthalates are used to make products that we encounter every day, from flooring to wall coverings, to luggage and sporting equipment. Even pool liners and footwear may...


      High Phthalates Panel Debunks Myths about Chemicals in Food Packaging

      Over the past few years, there is a growing myth about consumer exposure to phthalates through food packaging. According to the myth, phthalates are present in consumer diets due...

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      The Guardian is Promoting Fear, Not Facts

      The Guardian, a non-profit media outlet, recently began publishing a wide ranging series of stories focused on chemicals in the United States. Sadly, in those stories, they decided to...