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Setting the record straight on BPA (again)

The topic of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) has been popular lately with many “experts” weighing in with their opinions on everything from the basic definition of EDCs to what to do about them.  With scientific issues like this, the words attributed to Daniel Patrick Moynihan bear repeating:  “everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but […]

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False start: Popular morning show gets it wrong on phthalates and plastics

Morning shows can be a helpful way to get our morning news and start the day – when they are accurate. But, sometimes, those seemingly harmless morning wake up shows leave you saying, “Huh?!?” Like today… A couple of network morning shows aired segments about new studies that reported to observe a correlation between exposure […]

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Why CPSC should address scientific flaws with CHAP report before finalizing phthalates rule

Chemical safety reviews that take place behind closed doors, and which rely on old data and unproven methods, aren’t exactly a role model for sound science. And, they certainly don’t stand out as the kind of solid foundation on which, you would think, the most advanced country in the world would want to base its […]

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Don’t let unfounded health claims rain on your holiday toy parade

It’s that time of year again when stores slash prices on many popular gadgets, gizmos and toys, bringing droves of families to retail stores for some early holiday shopping. It’s also that time of year when activists try to convince you that many of the products swept off the store shelves are bad for you […]

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U.S. PIRG annual report on toy safety – what’s the main takeaway?

With holiday crunch-time quickly closing in, the last thing parents want is to come home empty-handed for fear that the year’s most popular toys may not be safe for their children. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case in 2012 and it shouldn’t be this year, according to the U.S. PIRG, which has found that toys on today’s […]

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