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Tag: Media

Open letter to the editor – Pediatrics – re: Food Additives and Child Health

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)[1] has put forth a set of policy recommendations based on a hypothesis that the presence of certain chemicals in the diet suggests potential...

Correcting misunderstandings of food additives and child health

The technical report published by Trasande et al., has suggested that phthalates may be present in the diet and could have potentially adverse effects on children’s health. To prevent...

CNN article perpetuates “chemical-free” myth

CNN recently published an article about a new product that will increase the shelf life of certain fruits and vegetables. Food waste is a globally relevant and timely topic,...

Making Use of Every Molecule: Chemistry’s contributions to interior design highlighted in new issue of i+D magazine

The sustainable green chemistry movement transforms molecules, moving beyond the lab to create a wide array of innovative interior products. “Making Use of Every Molecule,” an article in the...

The truth about formaldehyde

Recent media stories have claimed a link between formaldehyde exposure and leukemia. The truth is more than 30 peer-reviewed studies since 2010 show that formaldehyde does not cause leukemia....