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2017 GlobalChem will showcase new day in politics, chemical regulation and international cooperation

We all knew that modernizing the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) through passage and implementation of the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act (LCSA) would create a new era of chemical regulation in the United States. What we may not have known was that the statutory change would coincide with major changes in our political landscape. The […]

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Are there really thousands of untested chemicals in everyday products?

If you’ve ever read a news article or blog post about chemicals, you may have come across the oft-cited claim that there are 84,000 untested chemicals in the products we use every day. Taken at face value, this figure is startling. But, if you check the facts and take a closer look, you’ll also find […]

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The pursuit of quality in risk assessment

The Toxicology Forum is an international organization that encourages dialogue among government agencies, industry, academia, policymakers, and NGOs concerned with public health issues. Following Congress’s recent passage of the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act, the Toxicology Forum’s summer meeting in Salt Lake City, featured a particularly interesting and timely session on “the pursuit of quality and […]

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Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act: Protecting Americans’ health and the environment in the 21st century

A little over a week ago, consumers across the country were given something they rightfully have demanded for years: more confidence in the safety of the chemicals used to make the products they purchase for themselves and their families. But consumers didn’t just ask for the greater sense of safety that was given to them […]

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