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Tax law is boosting chemical industry investment in the U.S.

Wow, that was fast. Congress’s historic tax reform bill, the ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ (H.R. 1) took effect earlier this month, and companies are already announcing plans for new U.S. investments made possible in part by the new law. On Monday, ExxonMobil shared the news that the company plans to invest $50 billion over […]

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American Chemistry: Touching our lives every day

How do you begin your morning? Many of you probably start by checking emails on your iPhone, or turning on your TV to catch up on the morning news. Maybe you get in your vehicle and drive to work, or hop on public transportation, such as a bus or subway. It should come as no […]

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Media roundup: Who’s talking about the $100B manufacturing investment milestone

The American Chemistry Council recently announced that potential new U.S. chemical industry investment spurred by shale gas has surpassed $100 billion. The nearly 150 projects that have been reported – restarts, expansions, and brand new facilities – could create an estimated $81 billion per year in new chemical industry output and 637,000 permanent jobs by […]

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Such great heights: Chemical industry investment surpasses $100 billion

The United States continues to reign as the place to manufacture chemicals now, as potential U.S. chemical industry investment has now topped $100 billion. As of this month, the number of publicly-announced chemical and plastics projects stands at 148, with the tally continuing to grow (ACC’s first report analyzed 97 projects valued at $71.7 billion […]

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‘American chemistry is back in the game,’ ACC’s Martha Moore tells Conference of Mayors

In a reversal from just a decade ago, the United States is once again a favorable destination for manufacturing investment, as the new economics of shale gas creates a competitive advantage for U.S. companies. “American chemistry is back in the game,” ACC’s Martha Moore told 280 of the nation’s mayors at a conference this week […]

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More signs of chemical industry growth from an abundance of natural gas and oil

It is a truth becoming universally acknowledged, that surging shale gas and oil production is generating jobs and driving growth. A PwC energy expert is the latest to punctuate the point. Andrew Lyon, a principal in PwC’s National Economics and Statistics group, hailed the doubling of direct jobs tied to oil and shale gas extraction […]

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