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Federal court says soda warning labels are unconstitutional

In a victory for all Americans who believe they have a right to consumer information that is accurate and based on fact, a federal appeals court unanimously ruled last week to block a San Francisco ordinance that it said likely violates the First Amendment right to free speech. The ordinance in question requires fixed advertising […]

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Issues around listing chemicals under Prop 65

In 1986, California voters passed the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, most commonly referred to by its ballot title, “Prop 65.” Prop 65 is a statewide “right-to-know” act that prohibits businesses from exposing California citizens to carcinogens and reproductive toxicants without clear and reasonable warning, except when there is no significant risk of […]

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BPA and glyphosate – A cautionary tale

Although you may not recognize the name glyphosate, you probably do recognize the name Roundup. It’s an effective and successful herbicide that contains glyphosate as its active ingredient. It’s also been controversial due to claims that it can harm your health. Glyphosate has been in the news lately after a questionable decision by the International […]

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Carcinogen or not a carcinogen? A tale of two WHO Agencies, and the importance of evaluating study quality and human relevance

How is it possible that two World Health Organization (WHO) agencies could evaluate the same chemical’s potential to cause cancer and come to seemingly opposite conclusions? Dr. David Eastmond explored this question in a presentation at the Summer Toxicology Forum meeting comparing the approaches taken by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and […]

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