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There’s a Reason We Use Plastics to Package Food

This week, a grocery store in Amsterdam made headlines for being the first to offer an aisle without plastic packaging. If the thinking behind this offering is “less plastic is better in the grocery store”—then we need to ask: In what way is this really a good thing? And we need to be clear about […]

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The three T’s of plastics food packaging: Tested. Tried. Trusted.

The reason we trust plastic to safely package and deliver our food is simple: it works. Every day, plastic food packaging delivers real benefits to millions of consumers throughout the world. In fact, it’s widely known that plastic packaging protects food to help keep people safe and healthy. Plastics used in food packaging have long […]

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BPA and plastics: the not-so scary truth

What’s trending right now? Lots of chatter about the safety of plastics: Are plastics safe in food packaging? Are they safe in carry-out food containers? What about the plastics in my kitchen? What should I do? Questions like these are the result of pressure groups targeting plastics — the very plastics that have been approved […]

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