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NIEHS celebrates 25 years of endocrine disruptor research – we ask, what’s to celebrate?

For the past three decades, the rate of innovation among the world’s leading chemical manufacturers has accelerated at a globally competitive pace. Consumers often reap the benefits of this innovation firsthand: we see a larger number and greater variety of products appearing on store shelves; upgraded products that outperform their predecessors; and new technologies that […]

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Regulatory cooperation under T-TIP: Greater efficiency, strong health and environmental protections

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP) is a historic opportunity to promote economic growth and job creation, enhance U.S. competitiveness and expand consumer choice. But it’s also a junction through which U.S. and EU regulators can join together to secure efficiencies and enhance their ongoing efforts to protect human health and the environment. Eliminating […]

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Scientific leaders strongly disagree with EU’s proposed approach to regulate endocrine active substances

Criticism of the EU’s proposed approach to regulating endocrine active substances reached new heights this summer when senior scientists — editors of 14 leading toxicology and pharmacology journals — emphasized the European Commission’s approach is being driven by unscientific precaution, “defying common sense [and] well-established science and risk assessment principles.” Read the jointly authored editorial […]

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ACS hosts important dialogue on endocrine disruption and green chemistry

The $56 billion that American chemical manufacturers commit every year to developing new innovations can be fueled in part by the principles of green chemistry and green engineering. In fact, these principles continue to serve as important guide posts for manufacturing products that enhance safety and help improve the protection of public health and the […]

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Endocrine disruption, risk-based decision making and transatlantic regulatory coherence

There’s an important and ongoing debate in the U.S. and the EU about chemicals that may interact with the endocrine system to cause harmful effects in wildlife or on human health. In this post, we’ll work to answer some of the key questions driving the debate: What are endocrine disruptors? What does the latest science […]

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Unenlightened “How Chemicals Affect Us” gets a D+ in endocrine disruption

Twenty years of scientific literature on “endocrine disruptors” cannot be drummed up in 790 words, but consumers’ fear of them can (“How Chemicals Affect Us,” May 2, 2012). A good writer, but not a science reporter, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, before all else, failed even to define “endocrine disruptor.” This is important because […]

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