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Two more lessons learned from GlobalChem 2013

1. Better Data, Better Decisions One of the major issues raised around the effectiveness of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) centers around the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) understanding of chemicals in commerce. For example, the current TSCA inventory includes more than 84,000 chemicals. However, it is widely recognized the inventory does not reflect […]

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Emerging theme at this year’s GlobalChem: Partnerships lead to progress

GlobalChem presents a great opportunity to bring industry leaders, the regulatory community and other stakeholders together to discuss the important roles each of us can play to improve how chemicals are managed. Based on Monday’s pre-conference TSCA fundamentals workshops and Tuesday’s regulatory discussions, this year’s GlobalChem has proven no different. Forging partnerships, at home and […]

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Without chemical trade secrets, innovation in America could become a spy game

When Procter & Gamble set out to develop a new detergent that would allow consumers to wash their clothes effectively in cold water, they turned to a unique, innovative blend of chemistries. But without a regulatory framework that protects the legitimate intellectual property of the domestic chemical industry, the product you know and use today, […]

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NYT: DOE Natural Gas Subcommittee report on hydraulic fracturing a “sensible way forward”

A New York Times editorial this morning discussed the U.S. Department of Energy’s Natural Gas Subcommittee draft report on hydraulic fracturing – calling the report a “sensible way forward.” ACC found the report’s approach reasonable in two important respects. First, the DOE report attests to the enormous potential of shale gas to drive job creation […]

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Letter to Albany Times Union re: ‘Chemical makers back drilling rules,’ July 21

A few weeks ago, ACC President Cal Dooley traveled to Albany, NY to meet with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office as well as the Times Union editorial board to discuss the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) proposed regulations on shale gas development in the state of New York. The resulting July 21 Times Union editorial, […]

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