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Helping to keep schools safe for children

This National Education Week, I would like to express my thanks to all those who contribute to educating American students. My hat is off to teachers and school administrative staff and to the community of school employees known as “Educational Support Professionals” (ESPs) who keep our schools maintained and running on a daily basis. Case […]

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ACC releases updated review of U.S. drinking water chlorination practices and issues

Imagine living in a world without chlorine disinfection of drinking water…You would have no idea when a dreaded disease might strike you down or strike down your children or other family members. This is the world that everyone in the U.S. lived in at the turn of the twentieth century. –Michael J. McGuire in the […]

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The chemistry of disaster relief

The Louisiana flood waters have receded and so has the national media coverage of this disaster. The storm pummeled South Louisiana with almost seven trillion gallons of water in a week’s time. It flowed from parish to parish; the storm destroyed homes and businesses, and claimed lives. The TV cameras are gone, but the cleanup […]

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Live! From #ACCaugust Round 2 – 2016

During the August recess, ACC’s Political Mobilization activities will be in full swing! Once again, we’ll be fanning out across the country to further our industry’s advocacy goals in a grassroots initiative called #ACCaugust. Through plant tours, in-district meetings, and industry roundtable discussions, we will meet with Members of Congress to raise awareness of the vital importance […]

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Making the grade through proper disinfection

Every year, millions of children get sick with colds, flu or norovirus – a highly contagious “stomach bug.” The ripple effect can be tremendous. Children miss days of school and risk falling behind in their studies. Teachers and staff lose work time when they pick up the “germ du jour,” and parents often have to […]

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ACC celebrates World Water Day

In 1993, the United Nations declared March 22 to be celebrated as “World Day of Water.”  Most people now simply call it World Water Day and it has grown in awareness ever since.  In the United States, we have the good fortune to take safe drinking water for granted. The very idea of developing a […]

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