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Why “From Chemistry to Energy” calls for improving residential, commercial and industrial energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to achieve energy and cost savings, and no business, household or industrial facility could become more energy efficient without the innovations and discoveries driven by the chemical industry. That’s why “From Chemistry to Energy” is calling for maximizing energy efficiency’s contribution to the nation’s […]

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Why ‘From Chemistry to Energy’ calls for robust and responsible production of domestic shale gas

ACC successfully kicked off its From Chemistry to Energy campaign on Capitol Hill yesterday, calling on lawmakers to develop a comprehensive energy strategy pillared by the robust and responsible production of domestic shale gas, improved residential, commercial and industrial energy efficiency, and expanded adoption of energy recovery programs. Here are some of the ways in […]

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ACC calls for a strong, secure and sustainable future with the launch of “From Chemistry to Energy”

A comprehensive national energy strategy matters — to our member companies, to the nearly 800,000 Americans working in our industry, to the many manufacturers that rely on our products. And, according to a new survey released today, America’s energy strategy matters to 94% of American voters. That is a clear call to action, and the […]

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And the “From Chemistry to Energy” Zooppa contest winners are…

Last December, we invited independent filmmakers and motion design enthusiasts on Zooppa.com to help us tell the “From Chemistry to Energy” story — and to illustrate why that story matters to America’s energy and economic future. What we got in return were more than three dozen unique takes on an important American manufacturing narrative, each […]

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