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Going for the win: Silicones in sporting events and competitions

This month at the winter games, outstanding athletes from around the world are gathering in PyeongChang to compete for the gold. No matter the sport— from skiing to bobsledding to curling and figure skating, athletes rely on the unique properties of silicones to improve performance. Here are just a few of the areas where silicones […]

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Silicones help athletes perform in Rio

We celebrate the hard work and talent of the world’s best athletes as they compete in over 300 events in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. But these competitors don’t just rely on their coaches and supporters to reach their goals. High-performance sports equipment help athletes compete more effectively and safely. Silicones, in particular, play a key […]

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Chemistry and sports: Championship soccer edition!

Every four years, soccer fans put everything aside to focus on the world’s most popular soccer tournament, and this year is no different – with one key exception: many fans are just as focused on the new technology in the games as they are on the outcomes. And this is where chemistry scores… yet again! […]

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