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Daimler turns to chemistry, BASF to help make Smart car more energy efficient

The Smart car just got a lot smarter, thanks to a new intelligent energy system and lightweight design co-engineered by Daimler and BASF. Debuting at the Frankfurt auto show last month, the energy efficient Forvision concept car impressed audiences with a slew of innovative materials and design features – something you might expect from one […]

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Chemistry innovations improve life jacket design, enhance water safety this Labor Day weekend

If you’re a metro D.C. resident like me, you’re likely headed for water and sunshine along the beaches of the Eastern Shore this Labor Day weekend, or maybe a quiet canoe ride across Maryland’s Deep Creek Lake, or a whitewater rafting trip down the Gauley River. Whichever you choose, chemistry will have your back. Literally. […]

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California restaurant owner says business will suffer if state bans plastic foam containers

There are many voices in the debate on whether to ban plastic foam containers from California restaurants and take-out counters. Yesterday, Associated Press reporter Sheila Kumar gave small businesses a well-deserved opportunity to speak for themselves on the issue. In Kumar’s article, you’ll hear from concerned restaurant owner Gary Honeycutt, who says Sen. Alan Lowenthal’s […]

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Chemistry answers call to increase efficiency of solar cells

Chemistry is the source of many innovative technologies that are currently revolutionizing the way we generate and store energy. For example, Silicon Valley startup Innovalight, Inc. has developed a silicon-based ink that, when applied to solar cells, effectively boosts the cells’ ability to absorb and convert sunlight into electricity. The magic is in the chemistry. […]

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