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Federal agencies should update their science — and industry scientists are ready to help

Scientists from the public and private sector as well as academia could all have something to rally behind under the current Administration and Congress: a stronger appreciation for using good science to help drive regulatory decision-making. Congress has already begun to take action. This morning, Dr. Nancy Beck, Ph.D., provided testimony to a Senate Subcommittee about […]

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What a “defective” radiation-risk standard can teach us about improving chemical risk assessments

Wall Street Journal editorial board member Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. seems to have a knack for battling bad science – especially what he perceives to be misguided reporting and alarmist stories about climate change. In his most recent piece, Jenkins laments the fact that some activists have used faulty research to overstate the risks associated […]

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Grappling with uncertainty: New paper offers a better approach

As Donald Rumsfeld taught us, how you handle and communicate what you don’t know is just as important as dealing with what you do know. A new paper recently published by the scientific journal Environment International offers several different ways to help better address the uncertainty conundrum when it comes to sharing the results of […]

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Putting all the pieces together: ACC helps improve chemical risk assessments

Most would agree that credible, science-based assessments of the potential risks from chemical exposures are necessary for providing both regulators and the regulated community with a useful summary of the science on certain chemicals. Very often these assessments underpin product stewardship and regulatory actions taken to protect human health and the environment. When creating chemical […]

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