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North American chemical manufacturers united on priorities for NAFTA modernization

Chemical manufacturing in North America is an illustration of the promise of free trade and regional economic integration. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has played an important role building a North American market for chemical manufacturers and their customers. Modernizing NAFTA presents an opportunity to take that promise even further. The data tell […]

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GlobalChem 2015: CEPA ICG executive director Amardeep Khosla answers our questions on how to advance chemical regulations in the U.S. and Canada

Canada has made some progress in regulating chemicals under the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) — so how can Canada and the U.S. work together to manage chemicals more effectively? Professor John Graham answered three big questions on Monday regarding his keynote speech at this year’s GlobalChem conference about what the U.S. can learn from how […]

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