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Japan must have listened to the science on BPA

More than 10 years ago, bisphenol A (BPA) was a hot topic in Japan.  But these days, not so much.  The Japanese government ministries with responsibility for human health continue to monitor scientific developments on BPA in the rest of the world, but without any apparent pressure or need for regulatory action.  Likewise, there’s little […]

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Listening to the science on BPA from Austria

If you live in Austria, should you be concerned about exposure to bisphenol A (BPA)?  Not according to the results of a new study from Austrian government researchers that was just published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. The title of the new study (Human biomonitoring of bisphenol A exposure in an Austrian population) may not […]

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Biomonitoring Equivalents: A valuable scientific tool for making better chemical safety decisions

Among all the discussion and debate about improving how chemicals are managed to ensure the public and the environment are protected from potentially harmful exposures, at least one point stands out on which we can all agree: better access to information, as well as a greater understanding of that information, will help lead to better […]

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