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Grappling with uncertainty: New paper offers a better approach

As Donald Rumsfeld taught us, how you handle and communicate what you don’t know is just as important as dealing with what you do know. A new paper recently published by the scientific journal Environment International offers several different ways to help better address the uncertainty conundrum when it comes to sharing the results of […]

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What you may have missed at SOT: How ‘show and tell’ can lead to a greater understanding of chemical assessment results

Scientists are exploring new visual approaches to improve how chemical hazard values (and their inherent uncertainties) are determined and communicated to risk managers and the public so that we can all make more informed decisions about the safety of chemicals. At the Society of Toxicology (SOT) Annual Meeting in San Diego last month, Drs. Nancy […]

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Public input is critical to successfully move forward on IRIS reform

Sound science and transparency should be at the core of how the federal government evaluates the safety of chemicals — and they are critical elements to successfully reforming the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS). We strongly believe that the implementation of key enhancements to IRIS will greatly improve the program […]

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