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Kenya’s Own Trade Cabinet Secretary “rubbishes” NYT, Greenpeace Reports on U.S.-Kenya Trade Negotiations

How many Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists does it take to bungle a trade and environmental story about Kenya and irresponsibly wreak havoc in a country that fears its sovereignty is...

TRANSCAER® Gets a Boost to Help Rural Communities with Emergency Training

A national outreach program that provides critical emergency training to communities across the country is getting a boost thanks to bipartisan legislation passed by Congress and signed into law...

Science Matters: New York Times Ignores Chemical Research, Undermines Product Safety and Puts Essential Products at Risk

Have you ever counted all of the items you physically touch in a day? Everything from the soap you lather on your hands, the shoes you lace up on...

Economic Trends

Weekly Chemistry and Economic Trends (August 28, 2020)

This week’s reports were, for the most part, positive. The bad news was that consumer confidence fell to a six-year low, as a resurgence of coronavirus cases cast doubt on the recovery. The housing market continued to rebound, however, with new...

Economic Trends

Weekly Chemistry and Economic Trends (August 21, 2020)

This week’s reports were mostly positive. New jobless claims, a proxy for layoffs, rose unexpectedly, raising concerns about the strength of the labor market recovery. Housing activity, however, continued to rebound with strong gains in starts and...