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      ACC and TRANSCAERSM Team Up to Provide Support to Emergency Responders

      To help better equip emergency responders, ACC has donated $10,000 to the new TRANSCAER Hazmat Team Response Fund. During a time of increasingly tight budgets, the fund was created in...

      Economic Trends

      Weekly Chemistry and Economic Trends (February 5, 2021)

      This week’s economic reports were positive. Job growth resumed at the start of the new year, in line with expectations (albeit low), but data for previous months were revised lower. The unemployment rate improved markedly, as well. The important...

      Stay Ahead of the Regulatory Curve with the Thirteenth Antimicrobial Workshop

      In the time of COVID-19 and a heightened awareness of stopping the spread of germs, antimicrobial products play as critical a role in public health and safety as ever....

      Economic Trends

      Weekly Chemistry and Economic Trends (January 29, 2021)

      This week’s economic reports were few in number but, for the large, part positive. The weekly claims data show labor markets continuing to improve, albeit too slowly. The GDP report indicated the economy continued to expand in the 4th quarter...

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      Groundbreaking Air Monitoring Initiative Demonstrates Commitment to Safety

      When it comes to safeguarding communities and the environment, the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and its member are committed to being good neighbors. This commitment is embodied in ACC’s...