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Are you ready for #ACCAugust 6.0? We are!

This week we will be launching into the sixth year of #ACCaugust. For the last six years, ACC has connected our amazing member employees with the elected officials who...

ACC Hosts First Virtual Roundtable with Sen. Joni Ernst

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the daily lives of Americans. In our own industry many essential workers are working around the clock. Some are staying on site for extended...

Advanced Recycling: Fueling Environmental Sustainability

Advanced recycling is a form of recycling that converts post-use plastics into valuable petroleum-based products and fuel....

It’s That Time Again! #ACCaugust 5.0 Is Right Around the Corner

While our team looks for opportunities throughout the entire year, August is a particularly busy month for us as both chambers of Congress are usually in recess, and elected officials head back home for the month to visit with...