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      Chemical Safety: Putting Hard Lessons to the Test

      When it comes to restoring the trust of neighbors after an accident at a chemical facility, applying the hard lessons that result from an incident can make all the...

      New Chemours Initiative Helps Reduce HFCs

      America’s chemistry industry is at the forefront of innovation to meet global challenges – including climate change. An exciting new initiative by Chemours is a great example. The company...

      The Chemical Industry: Part of the Climate Solution

      This week, Climate Week NYC is hosting a virtual meeting to bring together businesses, government leaders and climate advocates in New York City and more than 20 countries around...


      Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act: Protecting Americans’ health and the environment in the 21st century

      A little over a week ago, consumers across the country were given something they rightfully have demanded for years: more confidence in the safety of the chemicals used to...

      False start: Popular morning show gets it wrong on phthalates and plastics

      Morning shows can be a helpful way to get our morning news and start the day – when they are accurate. But, sometimes, those seemingly harmless morning wake up...