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Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act: Protecting Americans’ health and the environment in the 21st century

A little over a week ago, consumers across the country were given something they rightfully have demanded for years: more confidence in the safety of the chemicals used to make the products they purchase for themselves and their families. But consumers didn’t just ask for the greater sense of safety that was given to them […]

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False start: Popular morning show gets it wrong on phthalates and plastics

Morning shows can be a helpful way to get our morning news and start the day – when they are accurate. But, sometimes, those seemingly harmless morning wake up shows leave you saying, “Huh?!?” Like today… A couple of network morning shows aired segments about new studies that reported to observe a correlation between exposure […]

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Three reasons TSCA reform should be kept high on the political agenda

Congress may be gone for the rest of the summer, but work to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) continues in earnest. Everyone who professes to care about modernizing this important statute – whether industry, observer or activist – should be encouraged that negotiations to advance TSCA reform in the Senate have not suffered […]

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Making chemical facilities and workers safer through Responsible Care®

Recent tragic events involving facilities that store or use chemicals have gained the attention of all Americans, and our thoughts continue to be with those living in impacted areas. For ACC and its members, these events serve as a reminder of why we have chosen to put the safety of employees and surrounding communities at […]

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ACC welcomes calls for renewed action on the bipartisan CSIA

Moms today are some of the smartest, most educated consumers around. They have to be. With so much misguided advice swirling around about which products to buy and which ones to avoid, moms don’t know who to trust anymore. Yet, more than anyone, they deserve to have confidence that the products they buy and use […]

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Visit to learn more about the Chemical Safety Improvement Act

Safer. Smarter. Stronger. Learn why the Chemical Safety Improvement Act is the Sensible Solution to TSCA Reform. [Visit | Download Infographic] Because chemistry is a fundamental building block for nearly all manufactured goods, chemical regulation is an issue that is important to all Americans. is dedicated to the bipartisan agreement forged between Sens. […]

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Re: “A Toothless Law on Toxic Chemicals” in Friday’s NYT (here we go again…)

It happens so often now, maybe we should no longer be appalled at how easily misinformation can become conventional wisdom, or how easily incorrect conventional wisdom can then be treated as fact. Maybe we shouldn’t be – but we are. And you should be, too. Anyone who has read the New York Times this morning […]

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A new year, but the same unworkable Safe Chemicals Act

Capitol Hill was a busy place last week. Major issues like the federal budget, gun control and immigration were dominating the headlines. One thing many people may have missed was the introduction of the “Safe Chemicals Act of 2013” (SCA), a bill that seeks to make changes to the U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). […]

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Re: “Think Those Chemicals Have Been Tested?” in Sunday’s NYT

ACC’s members are serious about their responsibility to produce chemistries that offer important safety, performance and durability benefits and that can be used safely. Our members undertake extensive scientific analyses to evaluate potential risk of their chemicals, from development through use and safe disposal. We work with regulators, retailers and manufacturers to provide them with information about […]

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PR stunts miss the point on safety

If you read today’s USA Today, you know activists have sprung a ‘new’ campaign to stop America’s top retailers from selling hundreds – even thousands – of the products that families rely on every day, even though the chemicals contained in those products have been approved by EPA or other regulators. In some cases, the […]

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