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It’s That Time Again! #ACCaugust 5.0 Is Right Around the Corner

Can you believe it’s already August? While it feels like this year has flown by, our Political Mobilization team has already made the most of 2019 by scheduling and participating in over 60 political events! If you are familiar with the American Chemistry Council’s Political Mobilization team, then you know that August is our busiest month of the year. All month long will we be on the road showing elected officials across the country why ChemistryMatters.

Remind Me Again – What Is Political Mobilization?

For those unfamiliar, Political Mobilization is the in-district advocacy arm of ACC. We work hard to identify and provide opportunities for our membership to engage and build relationships with their elected representatives through local, constituent-focused events. Our ultimate goal is to work hand-in-hand with our member companies to show state and federal elected officials across the country why ChemistryMatters to their district/state.

Why August?

While our team looks for opportunities throughout the entire year, August is a particularly busy month for us as both chambers of Congress are usually in recess, and elected officials head back home for the month to visit with constituents. During this August recess, votes are not scheduled, allowing the members of congress an extended period of time to talk with constituents and attend local events. The chemical industry provides 529,000 high-paying skilled jobs that support over a quarter of the country’s GDP, and this recess allows the opportunity for those employed by chemistry to meet with their elected officials. Elected officials who participate in #ACCaugust are able to see firsthand how chemistry is critical to everyday life and that the business of chemistry touches more than 96% of all manufactured goods As of today, we have almost 40 tours scheduled for this coming recess with more getting scheduled every day!

How to Follow Along During #ACCaugust 5.0

With over 96% of all manufactured goods touched by the business of chemistry, our industry is important in some facet to every state in our country. This August, we will be traveling all over the country to let elect officials know that #ChemistryMatters. There are multiple ways to follow along and join the fun this summer. Please be sure to follow us on Twitter at @AmChemMatters and Facebook @AmericanChemistry. Also, please join the fun by following #ChemistryMatters and #ACCaugust.

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Stay up-to-date and engaged with the latest industry-related news.