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Making Use of Every Molecule: Chemistry’s contributions to interior design highlighted in new issue of i+D magazine

Photograph courtesy of Covestro

The sustainable green chemistry movement transforms molecules, moving beyond the lab to create a wide array of innovative interior products.

Making Use of Every Molecule,” an article in the latest issue of i+D magazine, the official magazine of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC), explains how chemistry contributes to sustainable interior design. The article focuses on several specific innovations of chemistry in sustainability, “well building” design and the latest interior trends that enable smarter, more efficient homes, schools and workplaces.

Some of the highlighted materials in the “Chemistry” article include:

  • “Greener,” bio-based carpet. DuPont’s Sorona co-polymer is used to create soft, stain-resistant carpets. The co-polymer that is used to create the soft carpet is made through a fermentation process using plant-based resources.
  • Sustainable mattresses and furniture. Thanks to some breakthrough R&D at Covestro, the inert carbon dioxide molecule can be put to new, resourceful uses, creating flexible polyurethane foam for use in upholstered furniture, bedding and more.
  • A textile that could help improve a person’s circulation. Surface materials company Designtex and technology company Hologenix have produced a responsive upholstery that could help combat some of the harm from sitting too much. The material works through its unique chemistry embedded into the core.
  • Resilient flooring materials. Milliken & Company shared its process for creating an innovative commercial space at Chicago’s theMART, explaining how the company received the first WELL Platinum project certification in the Windy City. Flooring materials like luxury vinyl tiles helped pave the way.

Both chemistry and interior design share common goals for creating high-performing sustainable products that advance these professions. Read more in i+D magazine. (Permission granted by ASID.)

To learn more about how chemicals are the building blocks for many high-performing materials that contribute to the durability of carpeting and flooring, the comfort of furniture, the energy efficiency of lighting, the bright bold colors of paints and the aesthetics of stylish décor, visit

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