Get ready for #ACCAugust 4.0

We’re almost halfway through the summer, Congress is in recess and ACC’s Political Mobilization Department is gearing up for our annual #ACCAugust push! This month our team will be working with member companies to host elected officials to highlight the vital role the chemical industry plays in their respective communities and engage in meaningful dialog on our priority issues.

Over the past three years we’ve been privileged to coordinate over 100 events each year with member companies such as LyondelBasell, Anderson Development Company, The Dow Chemical Company, Calgon Carbon Corporation, and Covestro and with members of Congress including Sen. Tom Carper, Sen. Rob Portman, Sen. Chris Coons, Rep. Brian Babin, Rep. Mike Turner, West Virginia state legislators and other elected officials.

This year we look to continue to meet members of congress and other elected officials in their home districts and provide an up close look through plant tours, in-district meetings and industry roundtable discussions on how the business of chemistry helps drive innovations and creates jobs.

Through #ACCAugust our member companies are able to showcase the importance of their respective facilities for the surrounding communities and how the business of chemistry impacts the local, state and federal economies. The chemical industry is responsible for a large portion of the manufacturing renaissance in the U.S., providing 810,000 high-paying skilled jobs that support over a quarter of the country’s GDP. The elected officials that participate in our site tours and roundtables are able to see firsthand how chemistry is critical to everyday life and that the business of chemistry touches more than 96% of all manufactured goods.

You can follow our progress this year on Facebook and Twitter or by searching our hashtags #ACCAugust and #ChemistryMatters.

If you would like to get even more involved? Sign-up at ChemistryMatters to join our growing community of #Chemunicators to see events coming to your community and learn more about the important role chemistry plays in our economy and everyday life.

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