Going for the win: Silicones in sporting events and competitions

This month at the winter games, outstanding athletes from Optimized-shutterstock_45622780around the world are gathering in PyeongChang to compete for the gold. No matter the sport— from
skiing to bobsledding to curling and figure skating, athletes rely on the unique properties of silicones to improve performance.

Here are just a few of the areas where silicones help support high performing athletes during the winter games:

  • Clothing: Silicone finishes in clothing materials and fabrics used for sportswear make clothes soft, yet durable as well as resistant to abrasion. Skin-compatible silicone rubber renders clothing water-repellent, abrasion-resistant, elastic, fade-resistant and wrinkle-free all while keeping athletes comfortable and dry.
  • Protective gear: Silicone materials in helmets, goggles, masks and face guards can help to protect athletes against the elements in sports such as bobsledding, skiing and ice skating. Special silicone gel cushions can act as shock absorbers for protective equipment, which can help to reduce the risk of injury for these athletes.
  • Courses: Silicone wax formulations can be used for application on skis and snowboards to support speed and high jumps on the courses.
  • Facilities: Silicone sealants fill and seal gaps used in many of the new PyeongChang arenas which enables energy efficiency operations as well as temperature maintenance in ice arenas.

The unique properties of silicones help create highly specialized materials that support athletes at sporting events and competitions around the world.  Learn more about the unique properties of silicones at Silicones Benefits.


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